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"High growth and high energy consumption of iron broken lubricating oil industry face adjustment

2016-05-24 15:15:53 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

       High energy consumption industry is no longer the regulator GDP, "high growth, high energy consumption of the iron in Chinese is expected to be harmonious. Future high-energy consumption industries in the process of structure adjustment must, to a low energy consumption, low resource consumption change direction, which can not only ensure "behind the high GDP growth no longer to high energy consumption, high pollution, at the expense of natural environment" for a price, can for enterprise to bring the opportunity and turn and thus provide the real efficiency of economic growth.

       Improving energy efficiency is the main task of the Chinese government. China's 2020 GDP goal is to reach 4 times in 2000, while energy demand growth of only 2 times. If you reach this goal, high growth high energy consumption of the iron law in China is bound to be harmonious, China will become the first to break the 'economic growth will inevitably lead to the significant increase in per capita GDP energy consumption' iron law of the country.

       In the lubricating oil market, after nearly ten years of rapid development, China has become the world's second largest oil market. With the development of the automobile industry, the automobile market is prosperous and flourishing. In 2010 alone, China lubricating oil market actual total demand 856.9 million tons, than an increase of 13% in 2009, while nearly two years and the growth of the new.

       From the current situation analysis, lubricating oil industry to upgrade the bugle call is sounded, many enterprises rely on technological transformation on the basis to promote the upgrading of products, in product performance and environmental protection and other aspects have great breakthrough, has the durability of higher fuel economy and fuel, not only in line with the development trend of low sulfur clean, low carbon energy-saving, also can meet Euro VI such as a higher level of emission standards, and enhance the international competitiveness of enterprise.

       It is understood that the relevant research institutions in Europe and America in order to further protect the energy security, has determined the direction of research and development of biological degradation of oil. This kind of biodegradable lubricating oil is non-toxic, has good lubrication and viscosity temperature performance, high viscosity index, easy degradation to produce carbon dioxide and water, in accordance with the trend of the future development of lubricants.

       Pilotage of lubricating oil, has always been committed to clean, low sulfur lubricating oil production, adhere to the product with higher technology content. In recent years, pilots lubricants and many international advanced lubrication research institutions such as America Afton, Canada CLS light expansion close cooperation, the pilot products will continue to develop in the direction of the "cleaner, low sulphur, economy, low carbon, environmental protection,". Pilotage lubricating oil will be along "to reduce energy consumption and promote environmental protection," the road to press forward with indomitable will to go on, for the public dedication of better quality, better lubrication products.