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Domestic oil prices rose this year, the first rise of 205 yuan per ton of gasoline

2016-05-23 18:20:39 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

       February 26th, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, since February 27th, China's gasoline and diesel oil prices were up 205 yuan and 200 yuan per ton, equivalent to 0.15 yuan per liter 90# gasoline, 0# diesel per liter raised 0.17 yuan. It is reported that this is the highest increase since September 2013, is also the first increase in domestic oil prices in 2014.

   According to the understanding of the Beijing energy channels, recently ten working days, by the effects of unusually cold weather, the market is generally expected to cold weather will boost demand for heating oil, pushing up the international oil price order of magnitude of the rate of change constantly widening. According to the principle of "ten working days", domestic oil prices in today's price adjustment window. Development and Reform Commission today issued a notice said that since February 27th, when China's gasoline and diesel prices were raised 205 yuan per ton and 200 yuan, equivalent to 90# gasoline per liter 0.15 yuan, 0# diesel per liter raised 0.17 yuan.

   It is understood that this is since September 2013 the domestic oil and one of the highest amplitude tiananmen. This is also the first rise in domestic oil prices in 2014, after the domestic oil prices experienced two down and a price adjustment stranded.

   In accordance with the existing mechanism, a new round of oil price adjustment window will be opened in March 12th 24. Analysts said: at present, the international market supply and demand side and the economic side are weak, many negative pressure WTI and Brent price. As the heating season began to decline, while crude oil production may continue to increase, the U.S. crude oil inventory data if the market is expected to grow, it will continue to suppress oil prices. From this point of view, the next round of refined oil price adjustment is expected to continue to lower the possibility of rising prices."