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United States in January 29th when the week of the original oil inventories continue to increase

2016-05-24 15:12:12 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

       According to foreign media on Monday (February 1st) announced the results of the survey, the United States last week, the commercial crude oil inventories will continue to increase, while gasoline inventories will also increase, but the refined oil depot will be reduced.

  According to an average of 6 analysts surveyed expected, in January 29th when the week of U.S. crude oil inventories will increase by 4 million 700 thousand barrels, while gasoline inventories will increase by 1 million 300 thousand barrels, but refined oil inventories will be reduced by 1 million 700 thousand barrels.

  In addition, the utilization rate of the week refinery in January 29th is expected to decline by 1%, to 86.4%.

  U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Wednesday (January 27) inventory data released showed that, as of January 22 when the week, U. S. crude oil inventories sharply increased 838.3 million barrels, increases 32.77 million barrels, the amount of inventory reached 4.949 million barrels, an increase of about 1.7 percent, hitting an all-time high. At the same time, gasoline stocks soared 3.464 million barrels, is expected to increased 15.46 million barrels; distillate inventories decreased 405.7 million barrels, forecast to reduce 193.8 million barrels. In addition, refinery equipment utilization decreased by 3.2% to 87.4%.

  The American Petroleum Institute (API) Beijing time Wednesday (February 3rd) 05:30 will release crude oil inventory data, and then EIA Beijing time on Friday (January 22nd) will be released in the official 23:30 inventory report.