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Zengtai Liao, chairman of the group of Yantai wanhua group, is too good to go to the Qingyuan group to discuss cooperation

2017-11-20 16:25:41 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

October 26, Yantai wanhua group chairman Zhang liaozengtai and other seven people to the Qingyuan group visit. Linzi district standing Committee, deputy head of Liu Zaidong, Jinling Hui town mayor Zhang Wang limin, Qingyuan group chairman of Qingyuan group, Qingyuan group general manager yang jiaochong, and other leaders to visit and participate in the symposium. 
In the conference room of the group business center, the chairman of Qingyuan group, Ma Zhiqing, has comprehensively introduced the sales status of the company's production and management around the four plates of petrochemical, machinery, plastics and logistics. the two sides exchanged views on the plastics and machinery. the chairman of Yantai wanhua group, Zhang liaozengtai, said that the two sides can reach a cooperative relationship in mechanical manufacturing, learn each other in plastic processing and exchange experience. Subsequently, under the leadership of the leader of the group, Yantai wanhua group chairman Zhang liaozengtai, a field visit to the fangyu lubricants co., ltd and Qing plastic industry co., ltd, and heard the chairman of Qingyuan group Ma Zhiqing to China special oil production base project construction planning. The special oil production base in zibo, China, is a government - led industrial fund investment, relying on the Qingyuan group 404 tons / year import crude quota and import qualification of crude oil, the extension of industrial chain and the advantages of industrial scale, construction of special oil raw materials and finished product research and development, production, packaging, distribution integration project. 
Zengtai Liao,chairman of Yantai wanhua group, said that this meeting will be the starting point, with the principle of " sincere cooperation resources sharing, mutual benefit and common development ", in-depth development of multi - level, multi - field, all-round practical cooperation, and jointly create a new situation of friendly cooperation and mutual benefit and win - win.