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Qingyuan group is successfully audited through the quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety system

2017-11-20 16:23:22 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

Recently, after a circumference certification of Shandong branch of the evaluation group to take " listening, inspection, ask, interview, nuclear" and other flexible forms and methods of evaluation, Shandong Qingyuan group co., ltd successfully passed the quality, environment, energy and occupational safety and health annual system certification. 
This audit is the audit of the company's quality and environmental management system, the supervision and audit of occupational health and safety management system, and the second stage audit of the energy management system. according to GB / t - 2016, GB / t - 2016, GB / t - 2011 and GB / t - 2012 standard, management manual, and supporting management system documents, relevant laws and regulations and other requirements, the group has sales of Shandong Qingyuan petrochemical co., ltd, Shandong fangyu lubricants co., ltd, Shandong Qing plastic industry co., ltd, Shandong Qingyuan oil trade co., ltd, special oil branch, fangyu special oil sales 
At the last meeting after the review, the group general manager Zhang jiaochong raised three requirements around further improving the effectiveness of the management system, one is to further improve the system documents. Standardized management has only a starting point, no end point, improved without end, and always maintains the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the system document, forming an application - improvement - re - application - a virtuous cycle of improvement. The second is to improve the quality of the operation of the body management system, further optimize the process, improve the system, perfect system, to prevent the emergence of " two skin" phenomenon. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of the system operation; The third is to continue to strengthen the system of publicity and training. Combining with the operation of the system, actively organize training and education activities, strive to create a good atmosphere of system operation, make the system management ideas deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and constantly strengthen the awareness of the staff and staff, and promote the system management from conformity to excellence.