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Car maintenance and replacement of lubricants also need to use the additive product

2016-05-24 11:15:18 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

        Believe that many owners are on time and on a regular basis to their own car to do maintenance replacement of engine lubricating oil, do maintenance at the same time, is selling various additives or cleaning agents and the like products, so there is no need to use these products?

        First, the oil is divided into two categories: gasoline engine oil and diesel oil. Each series and by product characteristics and applications of different, is divided into several levels, usually cases, we buy oil will meet the viscosity classification, machine oil drums will be very obvious viscosity sign. Oil is roughly divided into winter oil (W) and non winter oil. The winter oil according to the low temperature viscosity, low-temperature pump send division, a total of six grades: ow, 5W and 10W, 15W, 20W and 25W, the level number smaller to lower the temperature; non winter oil at 100 DEG C when the kinematic viscosity grade, a total of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 five grades, the greater the level number, to adapt the temperature higher.

        The fuel additive for sale on the market mostly consists of four liquid plus other ingredients, four solution respectively is: BASF (BASF) solution, Lubrizol (Lubrizol) solution, Chevron (CVX) solution and Afton (Afton) solution of the four additives raw liquid, then produce a fuel additive manufacturers again according to the characteristics of their products with other materials, such as the production of octane value adjustment type fuel additives and need to join octane number improver; cleaner production type of fuel additives and need to add detergent agent and so on.

        Fuel additives for cleaning and maintenance, octane value adjustment type and comprehensive type, and some special vehicle special deployment is not included in the ranks of our, the correct use of fuel additives is good habits, does the car to improve working condition and prevention, but everything can not be blind, some wrong concepts or to promptly corrected.

        Two misunderstandings about fuel additives

        Error 1: clean additive carbon can be washed clean once? And very thorough?

        Correct interpretation: minor can also, thoroughly clean or wash clean, regular use of clean type additive preventive effect is good!

        Misunderstanding 2: fuel additives can improve fuel economy and power?

        Correct interpretation: mpg / improve power is nonsense, but to be restored to the original level of fuel consumption and power is reliable.

        Need to seek more than useless

        Using fuel additive as function. If your car checked have determined the carbon deposition more can try to use clean fuel additive, has just introduced the, the additive can effectively clean the valve and nozzle area of carbon deposition. When the carbon deposition is almost the same or the product itself is not a very serious model, you can use the maintenance of the additive to inhibit the production of carbon deposition.

        If you feel that the domestic oil quality is not good, want to pursue higher oil quality, can try the octane number adjustment type fuel additive. Here I want to emphasize, before the purchase and use of fuel additives, must see product function and method of use, do not think all additives are a function can be freely added, resulting in unnecessary waste, the engine may be more serious influence normal work.