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Original plant oil is the best lubricating oil?

2016-05-24 11:23:41 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

       When it comes to car maintenance, many owners choose the most fundamental reason is easy, practical 4S shop. Replace the oil is the most basic vehicle maintenance process, is also the most important link, its quality will directly affect the condition. In addition to the 4S shop with a professional maintenance personnel for the brand, the owner of the most fancy is the original two words. Perhaps in the eyes of most owners, the word "original" the word has a kind of private custom flavor. But the actual situation is not the case, you know the original plant oil in the end come from it?

       To find out the difference between the original plant oil and brand oil is not difficult, it is clear that it is not your best choice, starting from the following three points, you can understand the principle.

       The concept of "original oil"

       "Original plant oil," the original plant is to refer to what?

       "Original oil" and the quality of the brand oil is much different?

        Why should the introduction of "original oil"?

        Original oil from where?

        The 4S store called "original oil" are these after car producers of certified brand of oil and OEM supply all maintenance station using. And in the large car market, true to the brand of the production and sales of oil can be counted on one's fingers, for example, we are more familiar with the shell, Mobil, Castrol, this column.

      "Original oil" and the quality of the brand oil is much different?

       Know the source of "original oil", we is not hard to see that as long as the same brand and model of oil, then "original oil" and brand of oil in the oil quality did not much difference, but some auto makers may be requirements OEM brand in the lubricating oil added some additives to be more adaptable to the brand vehicles daily use (usually only for specific models). To speak in theory

       So why is there a "original" oil?

       We all know that some of the brand's 4S store in the customer's vehicle maintenance time will say, the maintenance of the time must use the manufacturer designated original oil, otherwise some consequences will be borne by the consumer. In addition in the vehicle warranty period, but also must go to the store maintenance, or as the owner to give up the right to give up the warranty. Since the difference is not oil, then why 4S shop to play the "original oil" concept?

       On the other hand, the major manufacturers of the so-called original oil is also the major oil manufacturers OEM production, and 4S stores require customers to use the original plant oil is actually a manifestation of business cooperation. Manufacturers to maintain a variety of vehicles, in order to ensure product quality and reputation, but also in order to attract owners in the store maintenance, access to the interests of.


        How to choose the oil after the insurance?

       As the oil price and the time cost and other reasons, many owners in the vehicle after the warranty period, will choose to carry out maintenance shop. How do we choose the oil at this time we first according to the formula to look at the classification of automotive oil.

      Select oil according to the formula:

      Mineral oil: derived from the refining of crude oil, usually mineral oil cost is very low, but due to mineral oil base is easy to be oxidized, although nowadays mineral oil have to add various kinds of imported additives, but life is still about six months.

      Semi synthetic engine oil: high refining costs, so the price is slightly expensive, but good oxidation resistance, is a good long-term type of oil, the service life of about twelve months.

      Synthetic engine oil: the real chemical synthetic oil, which can be in other basic oil failure conditions can still maintain superior lubrication, the price is also the most expensive of the three types of oil.

     Generally speaking, considering the balance between price and quality, semi synthetic engine oil is the most widely used. While the highest quality of synthetic oil, but the price is the most expensive. But in the era of this popular turbocharged engine, the need to pay attention to the owners of special attention is: naturally, the engine can be a semi synthetic engine oil, but the best use of the turbocharged engine.

      Depending on viscosity to choose

       At present, standard oil viscosity grades are used such as "5W-30 such number said that 5 representation which is the lowest temperature of the normal flow of the engine oil, w represents is winter, also is the meaning of winter. The method of calculation, w in front of the numbers, minus 35, result is that it can the normal flow of the minimum temperature, such as 5W-30 the lowest temperature is - 30 Celsius degrees, once below this temperature, oil will not flow, and the engine will also difficult to start.

       What is the difference in the viscosity of the oil?      

       Affect the start of the engine. This will be more obvious at low temperatures, for example, in winter when the 2OW-50 is less than 5W-40 to start.

       The increase of fuel consumption. The oil resistance of high viscosity high also can make the engine internal parts running have higher friction resistance, thereby increasing fuel consumption.

       Increase wear of engine at startup. Engine in a period of time did not launch, originally possessed in the upper part of the oil will oil flows back to the bottom of the shell, the upper part of the lack of enough oil to keep the engine at startup conditions, if the oil viscosity flow is slow, so wear probability will be increased.

       If the oil viscosity is too thick, internal resistance, resistance will be transformed into heat and increase the temperature of mechanical operation.

       Due to the winter viscosity thickening, the summer viscosity is low, so in the hot area, as far as possible to choose a slightly higher viscosity of the lubricant oil. In the cold season, the use of more dilute the oil, so that the engine oil can reach the key parts of the engine more quickly, to provide faster lubrication protection for the engine. At the same time according to the specific conditions of appropriate to shorten the oil cycle, in order to achieve better protection of lubrication.

      "Original oil" is your best choice?

      Automobile manufacturers in order to ensure the reputation of the brand and product quality, the use of the original plant oil is still more suitable for the case of the vehicle itself. But different types of owners, the condition of requirement actually has a larger difference. If in accordance with the general family car, the normal road conditions in the city for a long time, the use of "original oil" is a must. But if you often face harsh Road (for example self driving tour and other special circumstances), or car frequency high (e.g. six months traveling 20000 kilometers above), we recommend the owners first understand "original oil" brand and model, through comparing if it is found that the quality is better, more suitable for the needs of their own car oil, you can choose to use, to further ensure the condition.