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Don't put a clean oil oil maintenance problems

2016-05-24 11:33:36 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

We all know that the oil has five functions: cleaning, lubrication, cooling, corrosion, sealing. Can put some metal friction generated debris gather together put out, which is why oil may be one of the reasons for the black, but actually we are doing maintenance in the 4S, 4S shop busy day maintenance n Car laborer is also very cattle. Basically put a 5~6 minutes on the matter. The downside of residual oil we have heard a lot here is not much to say. Every time I go to the maintenance can not be greedy worry must requirements of engine oil for more than 15 minutes, especially just to mention cars or to mention cars, pay attention to the small details! Hope to give you some help.

Reasons for changing oil

Because the lubricating oil in the engine by fuel combustion temperature influence and a variety of media, metal catalysis, gradually deterioration with aging, resulting in product carbon, film and sludge etc. on the engine's harmful substances, respectively in different parts of the engine produces progressive cholestasis circuit and friction surface, caused by poor lubrication and wear acceleration and time endanger engine normal use.

Therefore, as a user of the vehicle, in order to ensure the safe use of the vehicle, you should not only correct choice of lubricating oil products, but also to master certain engine oil and cleaning of common sense.

一、A new car or a new replacement engine vehicles.

Because of travel mileage (reference, pictures, inquiry) is very short, the vehicle is in good condition, only need to do the following:

1.Select proper engine oil for quality level and viscosity grade;

2.Oil is best performed immediately after traveling a distance, if not, should also in before changing the oil start the vehicle a few minutes, so that the lubricating oil in the engine internal uniform circulation, facilitate the various sediment together take the;

3.Turn on the engine at the bottom of the oil discharge outlet, will the oil into the prepared container (oil is very hot, be careful burns), after the completion of, don't immediately shut down oil export, the appropriate null a time to ensure engine within the residual oil outflow;

4.Observe the oil runs out state, if smell, very ropy or stratification shall cut the oil change period, if there is a strong smell of fuel, engine combustion chamber seal is not good, recommended maintenance;

5.Close the discharge port bolt and replace the engine oil filter;

6.Clean the top of the engine oil dust around the mouth and opens the oil filling opening, filling in fresh oil to the oil dipstick cap, close the oiling mouth, start the engine, idle for a few minutes, parking;

7.Check the dipstick, appropriate to add oil to the upper limit, closed end oil, oil.

二、Vehicles with longer service time, longer oil change period, and more pollutants in the engine.

Simple replacement of oil is not enough to achieve the purpose of purifying the internal engine, if you want to keep the engine clean, reduce friction and wear, recommend the following two ways:

1、To shorten the cycle of oil, especially in the first cycle of oil, oil only to about 3000 kilometers to be replaced, replacement method with the previously mentioned new oil in the same way; after every oil change period is properly prolonged, step by step to achieve vehicle manufacturer requirements changes oil cycle. This method is using oil detergent dispersant additives for cleaning the engine lubrication system, due to the internal combustion engine is dirty, the new oil clean dispersion agent consumed rapidly, and oil change period is shortened, in later oil change cycle, inside the engine more and more clean, so step by step lengthens changes oil cycle. The method for cleaning the engine effect is very good. The disadvantage is that the oil change period is shortened a lot, every time you want to add new oil replacement of the new machine filter, an increase of oil cost and time.

2、Using a special engine oil cleaning products, special cleaning engine oil is dedicated to a variety of engine cleaning dirt inside the development of lubricating oil, adding a special nano clean factor in the original formulation of lubricating oil system, with strong cleaning ability to quickly remove inside the engine of all kinds of pollutants, sediments, and cleaning and oil a complete, easy to use.