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What phenomenon will appear in the engine oil to add in the engine oil?

2016-05-24 15:06:01 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

       Automotive oil in a variety of some of the owners are very large, often there will be a car owners to add antifreeze, especially the female owner. Encountered such a female owner is not in the minority, put a glass of water to add antifreeze, antifreeze added to the glass of water and so on, these will not to the car causing major damage, but the antifreeze added oil would be what?

  This is not common but is not, and in the female owner of the body (individual cases, not for female owners), specific circumstances is owners want to mend the antifreeze to the engine, mistakenly put antifreeze added to the oil, the owner was not aware of, and tighten the oil cap drove away. The results just drive out not to half an hour, the engine will alarm, owner is aware of the wrong oil liquid the immediately drove to the 4S shop inspection. The owner is also very curious antifreeze added to the engine oil, why would the police, the antifreeze added to the engine oil will be what happens? So watch your car into the shop, put in oil when the owner was shocked, is oil white microstrip yellow color? This word technician amused! As a result, because the owner of a small mistake, so that the engine must be washed several times with oil.

  Oil with water will lead to bubbles in the oil, white, the color is white or yellowish, normal oil should be translucent. When the engine is running in the water and oil mixed with mechanical agitation caused by this phenomenon. Under normal circumstances, the amount of water in the oil in the 0.03% following, when the water content of more than 0.1%, the oil additives (antioxidants, detergent dispersant, etc.) will be ineffective, accelerate the oxidation process of oil. Organic acids and organic acids, which are produced by the oxidation of oils and the acid oxides in the exhaust gases of the engine, react with water and form inorganic acids. These acidic substances increase the corrosion of the engine.


  Therefore, when the oil contains more water and oil lubricating oil will become worse, oil viscosity decreases, light to cause oil premature deterioration and parts of rust, weight is caused by engine axle, burning tile serious mechanical accident, so the owners don't because of curiosity to do the test, otherwise you will regret. Too late.