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What role is the six largest oil Wapakhabulo oil

2016-05-24 14:54:11 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

      The role of oil:

      The engine is the heart of the car, the engine has a lot of friction motion of the metal surface, these parts movement speed, the environment is poor, the operating temperature of up to 400 degrees C to 600 degrees C. Under such harsh conditions, only qualified lubricating oil to reduce engine parts wear, prolong the service life, then qualified lubricating oil to meet the requirements which?? that is the lubricating oil six functions of what is?


       1、lubricating: between the piston and the cylinder, between the spindle and the bearing are rapid relative sliding, to prevent parts too rapid wear, in the two sliding surfaces between the establishment of oil film. A sufficient thickness of the oil film will be relative to the surface of the sliding parts separated, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing wear and tear.

       2、Cooling: oil can bring the heat back to the tank and then send it to the air to help the tank to cool the engine.

       3、Cleaning: good oil to engine parts carbide, sludge, wear metal particles recycling back to the oil tank, by the flow of lubricating oil, rinse the parts of the face of dirt.

       4、Leakproof seal: oil can form between the piston ring and the piston is a sealing ring, reduce the gas leakage and prevent access to external contamination.

       5、Anti rust anti-corrosion: lubricating oil can adsorption on the surface of parts to prevent water, air, acidic substances and harmful gas and contact parts. 

       6、Shock absorption: when a sharp rise in pressure in the engine cylinder mouth, suddenly intensified on the piston, piston chip, a connecting rod and a crankshaft bearing load, the load transfer lubrication through the bearing, and play a role in buffer to withstand the impact load