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Use of industrial lubricants

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Industrial lubricants include a very wide range of lubricants and practical applications. Its main varieties such as: bearing lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, heat conduction oil, refrigeration oil, rust oil, etc., in the industry is a large amount, wide range of applications, is widely known to people.

(一)Selection of lubricating oil

1、Selection of lubricants should consider the following three aspects of the elements:

⑴Working conditions of the actual use of mechanical equipment (i.e., working conditions);

⑵Mechanical equipment manufacturers specifications specified or recommended;

⑶Prescribed or recommended lubricating oil manufacturers.

2、Selection of performance index of lubricating oil


       Viscosity is the index of the classification and grading of various kinds of lubricating oil, which is of decisive significance to the quality identification and determination. The viscosity of the equipment is determined by the design or calculation data.

⑵Pour point

       The pour point is indirect indicators of the low temperature fluidity of lubricating oil storage and use. Experience shows that the use of the temperature of lubricating oil must be less than 10 DEG C high pour point 5~.

⑶flash point

       Flash point is mainly lubricating oil storage, transportation and usage is the safety index, as well as production control of lubricating oil fraction and the volatile index. Flash point of lubricating oil index is based on the principle of safety provisions for 1/2 safety coefficient, which use 1/2 higher than the actual temperature. As an oil pan oil temperature does not exceed 120 degrees, so the provisions of internal combustion engine oil flash point minimum 180 DEG C.

⑷Selection of performance indicators

      Performance indicators are more, the disparity between different varieties, the operating conditions of the equipment should be integrated, manufacturing plant requirements and oil description and introduction of a reasonable decision. Strive to meet the requirements of lubrication technology and economic and reasonable.

(二) Oil substitute

1、Different types of lubricants have their own use of the specificity of the performance or difference. Therefore, the requirements of the correct choice of lubricating oil, to avoid substitution, but not to allow arbitrary substitution.

2、Principle of oil substitute

⑴Try to use the same type of oil or similar performance of the oil substitute.

⑵Viscosity should be equivalent, substitute oil viscosity can not exceed 15% of the original oil, should give priority to the viscosity of the oil for a little bit of a substitute.

⑶Quality to high generation low.

⑷When selecting the substitute oil, we should pay attention to the environment and the working temperature of the equipment.

(三) Mixed lubricating oil

1、Different brands, different manufacturers, and should try to avoid mixing oil. The absolute prohibition of mixed oil.

⑴Military special oil, special oil and other oil cannot be mixed

⑵There are anti emulsifying performance requirements of oil and non oil mixed emulsion may not be required.

⑶Anti - ammonia steam turbine oil with any other turbine oil mixture.

⑷Zn containing antiwear hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil mixed anti silver.

⑸Mixed gear oil and worm gear oil.

2、The following conditions can be mixed:

⑴Similar quality of the same manufacturers basically similar products.

⑵Same manufacturer of different grades of products.

⑶Different types of oil, if you know that the mix of the two parts are not additive.

⑷Different types of oil by mixing test without changing the abnormal phenomenon and obvious performance.

3、Internal combustion engine oil added additives are a number larger, performance; do not understand the performance of oil mix of issues must be careful. In order to avoid adverse consequences and even equipment lubrication accident.