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The car driving and in situ hot end which is more scientific?

2016-05-24 11:38:35 Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. Read

In winter, a lot of friends and eventually to the primary headache in situ hot problem. A lot of people are idling hot car, some people said it should not idling hot car. After all, accurate way is how hot? How long is the right? Today small make up for us detailed answer.

Cold car engine

Engine intermittent operation after 24 hours, most of the oil will return to the bottom of the oil casing, attached on the moving parts of oil only is not enough to bear launched machine operation for a long time a few. And at the same time, launched machine all temperature also has been the return to ambient temperature. At this time the engine is not suitable for the job. Motion resistance of the moving parts lack of lubrication will cause excessive wear; oil temperature is too low will causing oil viscosity is too large, the increase of piston and connecting rod arrangement and camshaft valve arrangement; three-way catalytic converter temperature is too low to exhaust catalytic effect is low; launched machine all temperature and gas temperature degrees lower fuel atomization level reduce, incomplete combustion. So it is necessary to the car, but the situation is not so sure.

At the moment of the launch

Engine initiated in an instant, the launch motor shares crankshaft flywheel roll, oil pump first preliminary work, in the engine without burning before the formal high-speed operation has for each conflict parts supply the required oil lubrication. The engine before combustion, each component has satisfied lubrication, but the wear is initiated instant existence. Even with the extra oil formula, launched at the moment and wear can not be avoided. This initiated wear accounts for 75% of the wear of the engine. The engine started at the moment, the lubrication of the parts, engine processing system preliminary injector fuel injection and combustion control. In order to advance the status of the cold car launch function, at this time the fuel concentration is higher, making the car a higher instantaneous fuel consumption.

Launch machine processing system

Now the engine processing system of all models basically have heating function. In cold started to arrive in engine best operating temperature, the engine processing system will advance the engine speed (forward to 1000-1500 RPM), increasing the amount of fuel the engine water temperature to accelerate the rise; along temperature of three-way catalytic converter. The car after the idle will return to 700 rpm control.

However engine initiated at the instant when the wear is unavoidable, use EFI system initiated machine hot friends more is used gasoline consumption to get psychological satisfaction.

Cold car launched the precise approach

On the selection of electrical ejection engine models and does not require static vehicle hot, but not neglect the engine temperature is too low on oil viscosity effect. The engine temperature is too low to cause the oil viscosity is bigger, the resistance is bigger. Not so hot direct trek, do not keep frantically throttle, speed can be dominated in 1500-2000. So using the vehicle can cut fuel waste, on the other hand can also let the engine at part load conditions to accelerate the warming, arrive at a very good "hot" effect.